Intervention Services

At TownsendARC we offer education, training and assistance with interventions to comfortably help families and employers find help for their loved ones and employees.

Interventions begin with family and employer involvement and may be easier to accomplish than many people believe. Reality is most often different from Reality TV but it does involve understanding, education and practice.

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Books on Intervention

Johnson, Vernon E.
Intervention : How to Help Someone Who Doesn't Want Help : A Step-By-Step Guide for Families of Chemically Dependent Persons
- An excellent primer.

Johnson, Vernon E.
I'll Quit Tomorrow : A Practical Guide to Alcoholism Treatment - Revised edition (September 1990).
- Where it all started - A classic in the field.

Rogers & McMillin
Freeing Someone You Love from Alcohol and Other Drugs : A Step-By-Step Plan Starting Today! - Rev/Expnd edition (February 1992).
- As good as any and better than most.

Schaefer, Dick
Choices & Consequences - 1987, Johnson Institute.
- Intervening with teenagers.

White, Robert & White, Deborah (Editors)
Addiction Intervention : Strategies to Motivate Treatment-Seeking Behavior - 1998, Haworth Press.
Intervention considerations in a variety of settings.

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